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Scout Fund

Fund administration with a competitive advantage

Effortless fund formation and administration for your scouts

Expand deal flow, strategically partner with emerging investors, deepen expertise in new investment areas, and leverage relationships to diligence opportunities.

Sydecar’s Scout Fund product allows venture firms of any size to spin up dedicated scout funds without exorbitant fees. Our platform streamlines the onboarding process for individual scouts and allows funds to scale operational functions.



Fund entity creation (Series LLC structure).

Off-the-shelf fund documents (LLCA and subscription agreements).

Integrated banking with real-time visibility into money movement.

Flexible capital calls.

Carry sharing & advanced carry structures.

Streamlined compliance checks (KYC, AML, and accreditation).

Automated fund tax preparation and filings (Form 1065 and Schedule K-1s).

Quarterly or annual financial reporting.

Regulatory filings (Form D, Blue Sky) included.

Costanoa Empowers Experts to Increase Returns

Learn about how Costanoa Ventures uses scout funds and other auxilliary vehicles to drive better returns for their LPs.