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Fund Administration for the next generation of VCs

End-to-end fund formation and administration with Sydecar's Fund+

Sydecar’s Fund+ combines the stability of a committed capital fund with the flexibility of deal by deal investing. Built on Sydecar’s proprietary infrastructure, Fund+ offers fund managers and investors new ways to collaborate on deals. From automated banking, compliance, contracts, to tax and reporting, Fund+ has all of our core features baked in, and more.


Scope of Services

Fund entity creation (self-managed Series LLC structure with a unique vehicle for each fund investment).

Off-the-shelf fund documents, including LLCA, subscription agreements, and compliance documents; drafted by best-in-class venture counsel.

Unique bank account created for your fund with real-time visibility into money movement.

Fully digital investor onboarding and closing process.

Flexible capital calls.

Customizable economics on a per-investor basis, with variable carry, management fees, and support for advanced carry structures (i.e. hurdle rates).

Streamlined compliance checks (KYC, AML, and accreditation).

Automated fund tax preparation and filings (Form 1065 and Schedule K-1s) supported by Sydecar’s General Ledger.

Quarterly or annual financial reporting and optional audit support for preferred partners.

Regulatory filings (Form D, Blue Sky) included.**

*Legal agreement customization supported by partner counsel for efficient representation when working with Sydecar.

**Blue Sky fees capped at $1,500 and then passed through to investors.

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