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Family Offices

Grow your wealth and build a legacy.

Sydecar’s structuring platform helps family offices access strategic opportunities through SPVs, funds, or a hybrid approach. Our flexible pricing model and efficient structures mean that you’ll never miss out on an exciting investment opportunity. 

Leverage a deal-by-deal investing strategy to grow your wealth, access innovation at the earliest stages, diversify your investment portfolio and cement your legacy.


Launch an SPV with an integrated bank account in a few hours and deploy capital once your investors have signed and wired.


Our Fund+ structure combines the stability of a committed capital fund with the flexibility of deal-by-deal investing. Built on Sydecar’s proprietary infrastructure, the Fund benefits from automated banking, compliance, contracts, tax, and reporting.

Family Offices Partner with Sydecar to Run SPVs

Dave Sasche shares his perspective on the trend of family offices participating directly in venture investments rather than relying on VCs for access to deals.