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Spend your time finding great deals and managing investor relationships. Leave the boring stuff to us.

Create your SPV or fund

Sydecar’s automated deal execution platform allows venture capital investors to launch SPVs and funds in minutes, rather than hours or days.

Consolidate capital

Consolidate capital

Sydecar offers an all-in-one platform for launching and managing SPVs and funds so that you don’t have to stitch together several different service providers. We handle entity formation, legal documents, compliance checks, regulatory filings, tax preparation and filings, fully digital investor onboarding, and distribution management.

Never stress about tax season

Never stress about tax season

Our automated fund tax preparation and filings (Form 1065 and Schedule K-1s) supported by Sydecar’s General Ledger allow us to consistently distribute tax documents ahead of the annual deadline.

Why fund managers and deal leads choose Sydecar

  • Larry Marcus

    Marcy Venture Partners

    "It was love at first subscription."

  • Nik Milanovic

    The Fintech Fund

    "Having Sydecar as a partner has made it super easy to scale my business."

  • Elizabeth Yin

    Hustle Fund

    "Sydecar helps me close deals fast, so I can dedicate more time to helping founders."

  • Hayden Simmons

    Rally Cap Ventures

    "Awesome software and a supportive team let me focus on investing. It just works!"

  • Aaron Frank

    Not A Venture Fund

    "Sydecar gives me exceptional flexibility to organize LPs and execute deals."

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