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About Us

Sydecar partners with Coolwater Capital to help launch, build, and scale emerging fund managers. Managers in the Coolwater community trust Sydecar to form, launch, and manage their SPVs and funds.

Make deals, not spreadsheets.

Sydecar is a frictionless deal execution platform for venture capitalists. Our standardized approach to private investing simplifies back-office operations, automating banking, compliance, contracts, tax, and reporting, allowing you to focus on nurturing relationships and driving deals forward.

Sydecar lets you launch an investment vehicle with an integrated bank account in a few hours, send unlimited invites via email or link, and share investment documents all from the Sydecar platform. Our platform is private, so your deals are only seen by individuals that you personally invite to participate. This also means that you control the relationship with your investor network, and Sydecar doesn’t send your investors opportunities to invest with other syndicates or VCs.

Sydecar SPVs

With Sydecar, you can launch an investment vehicle with an integrated bank account in a few hours and deploy capital as soon as your investors have signed and wired. Our platform automates banking, compliance, contracts, and reporting so that you can focus on making deals and building relationships.

Fund+ by Sydecar

Sydecar’s Fund+ combines the stability of a committed capital fund with the flexibility of deal by deal investing. Fund+ offers fund managers and investors new ways to collaborate on deals. From automated banking, compliance, contracts, to tax and reporting, Fund+ has all of our core features baked in, and more.

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